Saturday, June 13, 2009

Outback Steakhouse: Springfield, PA

Name: Outback Steakhouse
Type: Restaurant
Location: Springfield, PA
Occupancy: Multiple
Porcelain: Two toilets, two urinals

Everybody knows Outback Steakhouse. But what you may NOT know is that they have insanely good burgers. In fact, I have never had a steak at Outback, because of how delicious their burgers are. My dad always talks about how great the soap is in the bathrooms, so I decided to give the place the Commode Node treatment.

Great start here! The floors were clean, as were the toilet seats. They also employ the "giant trash crash under a hole in the sink" technique, which is quite nice.
Result: PASS (1 point)

Wow, I have never seen a bathroom like this. After walking to the far corner of the restaurant (plus), I opened the door and COULD NOT SEE ANY TOILETS! The walls were designed so that everyone is in their own little area. Also, they break up the organization into urinal/stall/urinal/stall, instead of the normal groupings. I used the farthest stall and could be neither seen nor heard. YES!
Result: PASS (1 point)

The toilets used the rare "push button" flusher. It was a little odd, but it worked fine and there was no unexpected behavior.
Result: PASS (1 point)

Paper towels with a "wave your hand" dispenser, good by me. As mentioned earlier, the trash can was large, discreet, and NOT overflowing.
Result: PASS (1 point)

Not the full-length that I seek, but the over-sink mirror WAS very large and useful.
Result: NO DECISION (0.5 points)

There was overhead music here, and louder than on the dining floor! It's always nice to have this, especially in a bathroom where you don't have the "cover" of air dryer noise.
Result: PASS (1 point)

Reviewer Tilt
The organization of the stalls really amazed me. I have never seen a bathroom that separated each stall and urinal into their own small corner. Also, my dad was right ... the soap is GREAT! For the first time in Commode Node history, I am giving full tilt!
Result: 1 point

Score: 6.5 out of 7 (92.9%)

What This Means For You:
The numbers don't lie: this is the best bathroom I have reviewed thus far. The ONLY gripe I had was the lack of a full-length tilted mirror. Other than that, stellar marks for cleanliness, privacy, and comfort. Truly a wonderful experience!

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