Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fox & Hound: King of Prussia, PA

Name: Fox & Hound
Type: Restaurant
Location: King of Prussia, PA
Occupancy: Multiple
Porcelain: Two toilets, one urinal

Fox & Hound has a special place in my heart as the location where I watched Bud Selig delay Game 5 of the World Series 3 innings too late. I came home and went on a classic meltdown/tirade, and thus will always associate the Phillies with this bar. However, none of this is a bad thing. F&H has two million TVs, and even showed the Flyers in (real) HD during the playoffs! So, how does their King of Prussia location stack up to my (mostly decent) memories of Center City?

Off to a good start. No puddles or trash (or other unspeakable horrors) that I could see.
Result: PASS (1 point)

So, the bathrooms are in the far corner of the seating area. This is a decent decision. Also, the urinal is not the usual "hey everybody look" blowing-in-the-breeze exposed nonsense. However, the bathroom is really cramped, and chances are you are going to bump into someone on even a moderately busy time. Half points.
Result: NO DECISION (0.5 points)

Everything worked fine for me!
Result: PASS (1 point)

Paper towels are a plus, and they have gone with the "wave your hand like a moron" dispenser. This is good for not having to touch anything gross, but what do you do if there's a jam? I saw no alternative for this situation.
Result: NO DECISION (0.5 points)

Slightly tilted large mirror over the sink. Not enough angle for my liking, and you have to stand in the doorway to get a good look at yourself. This isn't a vanity thing, I just want to make sure I'm not about to walk past a hundred people with my underwear showing. I won't go goose-egg since they DID have a decent mirror, but you need a better effort to fully pass this part of the test.
Result: NO DECISION (0.5 points)

Okay, this is a really complicated judgement call. Good thing: they have overhead music! Bad thing: why not make it the audio to the sports game that everyone at the tables can hear? Good thing: a TV hanging near the ceiling! Bad thing: why is it not showing the Flyers or Phillies when they're on 20 other TVs around the place? I have to go No Decision again, because a simple syncing from bar area to bathroom would let you stay in on the action.
Result: NO DECISION (0.5 points)

Reviewer Tilt
If this Tilt section were about how awesome the bar or food or service was, I'd be giving a full point. As far as the bathroom goes, though, nothing really stood out. I won't penalize, but I won't reward. Yet another middle-of-the-ground call.
Result: .5 points

Score: 4.5 out of 7 (64.3%)

What This Means For You:
The bathrooms at Fox & Hound are certainly serviceable, and they're definitely TRYING to make it great by including a TV and music. However, someone needs to get the memo about showing the most important game on the bathroom feed. I saw them changing a channel several times, and about 20 TVs are all in perfect sync with each other ... why not make it 21? Other than that qualm, it was clean and convenient, so WELL DONE!


  1. You really need to review the bathroom at the Square Bar.

    And also, please provide more info on urinal cakes.

  2. Also, please include if stall doors - when shut - are less that 1/2". Too many wondering eyes when the crack is larger.