Monday, April 13, 2009

Hershey Farm Restaurant & Inn: Ronks, PA

Name: Hershey Farm Restaurant & Inn
Type: Restaurant
Location: Ronks, PA
Occupancy: Multiple
Porcelain: Two toilets, two urinals

Hershey Farm is located in Pennsylvania's Dutch Country, out in the middle on Lancaster. The restaurant's appeal is their acclaimed buffet-style dining hall. The fried chicken in particular is quite good, and the overall price is definitely reasonable. So, the Amish can do food ... can they do bathrooms?

Talk about getting off to a bad start ... this bathroom was MESSY. Trash cans were overflowing, seats were not clean, the floor was stained and gross ... really not the kind of atmosphere you like to be in for even a minute.
Result: FAIL (no points)

I used this bathroom twice, and both times I felt decently "hidden". The bathrooms are located in their own little corner of the establishment. The door makes a weird knocking sound when it shuts, making you thinking there's someone coming in when there actually isn't, but it wasn't overly distracting.
Result: PASS (1 point)

The normal flushing mechanisms are present here. This was far from my biggest concern in this place, as you will see.
Result: PASS (1 point)

Okay, so they use paper towels. Hooray! But wait ... there are TWO dispensers, and the one next to the sink is EMPTY. I spent so long looking at the dispenser for a manual release that I didn't even seen the far away (and completely inferior) second one. Also, the trash cans were awful, with unspeakable horrors contained within. Empty towels are one thing, but deliberately confusing your customers? Grounds for dismissal.
Result: FAIL (no points)

Really tiny mirror by the sink? Check. Tons of wasted wall space that could be used for a tilted mirror? Check. Pissed off at this? Check.
Result: FAIL (no points)

The only sounds in this joint were the weird door knocking and the occasional ... weirdness ... from the stall next to me.
Result: FAIL (no points)

Reviewer Tilt
I was so put off by the double paper towel debacle, in addition to the terrible condition this bathroom was in the second time (only 30 minutes later), that I am using my tilt section to punish them with another goose egg. Thanks for nothing.
Result: no points

Score: 2.0 out of 7 (28.6%)

What This Means For You:
It's a shame that such a great dining experience is tainted by a horrible bathroom. Even just an "hourly checklist" posted would be comforting, regardless of how recently it was filled out. However, with little cardboard signs pointed you towards the bathroom from any given room, it feels like an afterthought. Any place that has two different Rubik's Cube towel dispensers (in addition to not keeping them stocked) will be put on the black list for me. Step up your game, Hershey.

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